As stated in the Faction Constitution Requirements , a faction's constitution must be fully ratified and approved before any alliances or declarations of war can be made. 


 Any offensive actions (raids against a faction base or attacks against their members in the wilderness or at home) must be preceeded by a Declaration of War.

- The Declaration of War, (as passed under the specifications of the individual faction's bylaws) must be passed and posted on an individual wiki page (linked to within the faction's main page) at least an hour prior to any offensive actions. 

- If under attack, faction members may enemy factions to defend themselves at or near their base without passing any formal war-related documents. However, at the faction's beginning they are encouraged to pass a public document stating what exacty they consider to be a violation of their sovereignty (e.g. whether individuals are permitted to travel onto faction claims without permission, and how close to their territory claims by non-allies are permitted before being considered a threat).


- The same as with declarations of war, faction alliances and truces may not be made until both factions have their constitutions fully ratified and approved. If there are any special terms under the alliance, they should be specified in a mutually ratified document.