On April 3rd, 2014, a TNT trap was rigged in the Prussian faction storage room. The resulting explosion created a small crater and destroyed a chest filled with farming supplies. During the confusion, the faction diamond, emerald and iron chests were hastily looted. But little did the saboteur know, there was a snitch block in the room. It was revealed that faction Officer Tormm, one of the first members of Prussia, was responsible for this heinous act of treason and faggotry.

Tormm admitted that his actions were a false flag, intended to initiate a defensive war against unknown factions of the server. He had fled Prussian lands during the investigation, and a search party was immediately organized. Tormm could not be located because of his head-start advantage, and he quit the game during the search.

The Kingdom of Prussia, under the divine authority of Kaiser SSredit of House Hohenzollern, does declare war on the faction Colomica, for harbouring the theif and traitor Tormm. May that faggot's head adorn the trophy wall of Konigsberg Castle for all to see, and act as a deterrent against future treachery and law-breaking.

Prussia calls upon its allies in this time of need, to aid in our battle against the outlaw Tormm and his fiendish friends. Prussia further calls upon the various factions of the server to kill Tormm, in order to demonstrate their resolve against anti-constitutional behaviour. Any man who presents the head of the traitor Tormm to Prussia will be handsomely rewarded for his bounty.


SSredit, Kaiser of Prussia

Got mit uns!


  1. The Kingdom of Prussia
  2. Colomica


Prussia was holocausted by warmongering Socialists. Meanwhile, Colomica's members were temporarily banned for a separate incident. As Prussia does not currently exist, the war was inconclusive*, and has thus ended.

*Prussia was destroyed by factions looking to collect on the 15 diamond block bounty placed on them by Colomica.