The International Mapping Project is a trans-factional autistic alliance dedicated to making all 128 maps needed for a complete map of the server.

Procedure for participants of the projectEdit

Anybody can join as long as they follow the simple procedure below.

In the comment section (or the server's skype group), state your name, current faction, and claim a few maps by stating their specific numbers(The image below gives the numbers for each map)

The X and Z coordinates on each numbered area on the image below is the center of that specific map. DO NOT create a map while in a boat, they get glitchy and fuck positioning. Be very sure you align yourself to the center before creating the map. After creating the map in it's proper center, upscale it to the max scale and begin exploring. Explore the whole area before you can consider yourself finished. Don't leave significant or frequent gaps in your maps

Finally, keep the map (in the public possession of you faction preferably) for the eventual submission in a new /pol/ mecca.