Regarding SPQR and The Greasers:

On June 1st 2014, it was made known to SRHF that lolbott of The Greasers had intentionally burned down an outpost which he knew belonged to the Honest Farmer's good friends, the Syncratic Commonwealth of Innawods. SCoI understandably retaliated by claiming land nearby The Greaser’s base. The Greaser’s greatest allies SPQR, without listening to reason, proceeded to attack and destroy that SCoI outpost at the behest of the war criminal lolbott.

Regarding Greece:

On the night of May 31st 2014, after the conclusion of SRHF and SCoI’s war against the Holy Roman Empire, the savages of Germany, Bremen, and Normandy reformed into a single faction by the name of “Greece” (which was most likely chosen as a cruel insult to our General Secretary’s proud heritage). The leader of Greece and former leader of Normandy, Gohlper, went on to attempt to set SCoI and SRHF at war against one another, by sending members of each faction suspicious sounding messages (ie. Sending mangofart a message stating “Hey Defiler, when’s the attack on SRHF going to start?”).

It has since been discovered that Greece has joined the side of SPQR in defending lolbott’s actions, and is part of the coalition to unjustly destroy SCoI in retaliation for acts that were no more than self-preservation.

Conclusion and Declaration:

In order to defend the nations who are in the right, as well as protect the dignity of our own members, by a majority vote of the people’s committee, the Socialist Republic of Honest Farmers hereby declares war on the factions SPQR, The Greasers, and Greece.


At 9:34 PM EST, two of the offending factions gave in: Greece and SPQR. The terms were agreed upon that SRHF and SCoI would be paid 24 diamonds per member of each faction, 5 and 14 respectively, or for each member unable to afford it: one wither skull. Since the Greasers were uncooperative and belligerent, a deal was made with SPQR that their debts would be ignored should they declare war upon and destroy the Greaser faction utterly (War must be declared by 2am Eastern time, June 2nd). Henceforth, the more agreeable Greece must surrender a total of 120 diamonds or equivalent value in diamonds and wither skulls within one week from this writing (9:44 PM; May 1, 2014).