Joint Declaration of War on Prussia

On the night of March 30th 2014, SRHF citizen Fire1052 was frolicking in the nether when with no warning he was brutally murdered in an unprovoked attack by Pinetree_North, a citizen of Prussia.

Over the following hours, VladamirLenin of CCCK attempted to moderate peaceful negotiations between the few factions, and the Prussian Trapdoorgranny was sent to a neutral meeting point to return the items stolen in the attack. At the same time, Mangofart (the senior member of the People’s Committee online at the time) negotiated with the Prussian second-in-command Bobwarlord. Bob agreed to SRHF’s demands to exile Pinetree, but also arrogantly refused to make any apology as a faction, thus denying any responsibility for the actions of their member.

Trapdoorgranny soon arrived to the meeting point and dumped an inventory full of items at Vlad’s feet. They were then handed over to Fire who confirmed that many of the blaze rods were missing, pieces of the enchanted armor were gone, and the enchanted diamond pick had more wear on it than there was previously. The difference in the items dropped and the items returned was also confirmed by the murderer Pinetree himself. As soon as this was this was mentioned, Trapdoor teleported back to his faction home, not to return, and Prussia refused to negotiate on the return of the items even despite Pinetree’s testimony.

Prussian hypocrites

Later-excavated evidence of Prussia's hypocrisy.

Following Prussia’s refusal to negotiate, it became clear to SRHF and CCCK that they did not intend to return what was stolen. They waved their 18 member count around assuming it would prevent measly smaller factions such as SRHF and CCCK from complaining about any transgressions. In another brazen show of disrespect to SRHF, the murderer Pinetree_North was readmitted to Prussia with full citizenship only three days later.

With all of the above as evidence, it is apparent that Prussia sees themselves above international law and that their faction’s large population makes them unliable to the respect deserved by other sovereign nations. This is also supported by Prussia’s own goal (as stated on their wiki page) of becoming “the imperial overlord of the server”.

Taking all of the above into consideration, SRHF has decided it necessary to declare war on Prussia, both to preserve its own integrity, and ensure for the peace of the server that they cannot do the same injustice to other factions. SRHF implores any other sovereign nations of /pol/iticraft who wish for factions to be given equal respect across the server to join the cause and assist in bringing Prussia to justice.

Ratified by SRHF on 31 Wednesday 2014

The evil of prussia

The evil that is Prussia.

Joined by CCCK and Winterhold , 4 April 2014