Today, April 25, 2014, is a day that shall be remembered in ignominy. The Honourable Empire of Sophia was suddenly and deliberately attacked by forces of the SRHF. The men of the Empire fought bravely, but were overpowered when those who are now our enemies unleashed their wither of mass destruction. The enemy used unlawful warfare to overpower our peaceful empire, no doubt in a wretched attempt to rob the wealth of the Empire and spread their ideologies of infamy and evil. The attack was unprovoked, which left our soldiers no time to prepare for the battle that they did not know was to ensue. However- The Empire of Sophia is a proud one, and will continue to fight the enemy whenever and wherever we encounter them. We will fight with honour for the sake of justice and the goodness found in righteous judgement and vindication. If the Empire of Sophia lasts for a thousand years, men will still say, ‘this was our finest hour.’