Bremen Edit

Bremen is an underground city. It is currently allied with Germany and Prussia, and is a member of Christendom. It is a theocracy, led by Bishop nude_dragon.

Members Edit

Bishop - nude_dragon

members - waffens_kid, FrozenFox96, _Garlic_

Constitution Edit

Bremen is a theocracy led by the Holy Bishop nude_dragon. While he has the ultimate say in decisions, members also retain votes in the parliament.

Faction Ranks: Edit

  • Bishop - the leader of the faction
  • Priest - leaders who are second in command to the Bishop
  • Members - rank and file members of the faction

Process to Join: Edit

People who wish to join Bremen must first join as a recruit, then once they build something that is worth being part of the faction base, they may join as full members. Priests will be elevated as the Bishop commands, possibly at the recommendation of the members.

Alliances: Edit

Bremen will join alliances as the Bishop commands, with majority member approval. War will be declared as the Bishop commands, although member participation in wars through alliance is not required.

Laws: Edit

Laws will be passed at the Bishop's discretion.

Punishment for Breaking Faction Law: Edit

Punishments will be handed out at the Bishop's discretion.

Property Rights of Members: Edit

All members have rights to any property within the common faction storage, as well as their own. Any private property of members cannot be messed with by any other member, including the Bishop. Any member has the right to remove any other faction member from their private homes, including the Bishop.

Limits on Governmental Powers: Edit

While the Bishop retains his powers of Government, he will answer to the Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. A new faction Bishop can be appointed with the approval of 100% of the members. This constitution cannot be altered without the members of the faction having an 80% vote.

Foreign Policy Edit

  • No peaceful traders will be killed
  • Members of enemy factions will be killed on sight
  • All members of allied factions are welcome into the base