Operation Righteous Retribution was carried out by the military of the Republic of Sophia against the SRHF on April 12, 2014. The operation was a response to the attack on the Sophian Capital, Sophia. RoS recovered all wealth taken during the Battle of Sophia, as well as extra spoils of war. SRHF suffered heavy damage within its city, with portions of land claimed by RoS.


On April 9, 2014, a coalition headed by the SRHF attacked the Sophian capital, Sophia. The attack was allegedly a response to the earlier attack on Cascadia by RoS. However, the large amount of wealth taken by SRHF indicates that it simply needed an excuse to invade RoS, and had no interest of its so-called allies. After the attack, Sophian forces conducted extensive reconnaisance for the location of SRHF. It was eventually located early on April 12, and military operations in the area soon began.

The Initial RaidEdit

The city was defended by high, layered walls. The Sophian forces were able to breach the wall eventually and entered the city. Among entrance, all wealth taken from Sophia was soon located and captured among SRHF's own wealth. Among captured items are SRHF's arms and armors. The forces proceeded to destroy buildings and vital infrastructures which could contribute to the SRHF war effort. As the forces made deeper into the city, several TNT cannons were constructed to destroy targets, including animal farms, automated cookers, and a mob grinder. These infrastructures either suffered severe damage or were completely destroyed. 

During the raid, Jammit999 of SRHF was online to defend the city. However, after seeing the approach of Sophian forces, he deserted his post and ran away. This act of cowardice further encouraged the Sophian onslaught.