Nova's symbol

The oligarchy of Nova, the walled City-State resting in the extreme hills. Promoting peace and trade while still remaining a powerful armed force.


Two hands, one containing the olive branch of peace the other that of War. While we may favor Peace over War, if we are attacked we will defend by any means necisary.


-Votes are only given to Officers and above.

-Promotion to Officer rank require approval by all Officers and Above

-Admission is only granted to people who have proven themselves to 2/3 of the voters.

-Prolonged War requires all officers to vote for it, however counter attacks require atleast one vote,

-"Counter Attack" - Defined as defending yourself against an enemy attacking you or attacking the base. You cannot counter attack their base.

-Alliances, ratifications and laws require a 2/3 vote.

-Crimes against Nova include Thievery, Creating Chaos and War, and Trolling other Faction members. 

-Any crimes against the faction will result in death by either firing squad or public hangin'

-To claim a room or chest you must put a sign over or next to the door/chest.

Bill of RightsEdit

-Housing is provided in the main base

-Personal private housing available upon request

-Right to Life, Liberty and whatnot

Responcibilities of the GovermentEdit

-Provide Security and Community to its citizens