Renamed Nebuchadnezzar (ingame Nebuchadnz) Neva is an independent town founded by sagevaki. Our top priorities are prosperity, huge claims and buildings and large member-base. Faction is indifferent towards other factions.

Current members: Edit

  • Warlock sagevaki
  • Magister cgtdream
  • Libarian drjellyjoe

Constitution Edit

I Rankings and players' rights: Edit

Arcanist is the founder of the faction, and his position is unquestionable. In all major matters, Arcanist has the final say. Though all members have the right to make propositions, and Arcanist will always try listen to their opinion before deciding. Magisters may only make decisions when Arcanist is offline and there's a need of quick deciding.

II New recruits Edit

For a new player to join Neva, he has to meet several requirements set by the Arcanist. All current members will meet and discuss if the requirements are met, but only the Arcanist will send actual invites.

III Declaration of war Edit

Declaration of war is solely up to the Arcanist. Arcanist will declare war, or will not. We do not take peaces without treaties.

IV Alliances Edit

Any faction can begin negotiating with Neva if they wish an alliance. The negotiations will determine following things: military assistance, trade treatys, any other manpower help or donations.

V Domestic policy Edit

All buildings built by Neva are the common property of all the members and they have the right to enter said buildings. Players can still have their own private list of items, which are acquired by the player himself.

VI Foreign policy Edit

Foreign policy of Neva is yet unknown to man.

VII Justice system Edit

Arcanist is outside the justice system, since his position is for life. In any cases where a magister or libarian can be suspected of being disloyal to Neva, an investigation will be launched. If it is required the suspect will be kicked from the faction until investigation is completed. When the suspect is deemed guilty, he must be executed.