The Nationalist Factions of Bohemian Provinces is conglomerate of allied powers representing the nation of Bohemia.  All work together for the greatness of the nation and her people.





1.) Each member is a noble in his own right, may no man exert his will over him.

2.) Each member has the right to face trial for crime they are alleged to commit against the Nation of Bohemia.

3.) Each member has the right to sound dwelling, may no Bohemian be without a home.

4.) Each member has the right to a full belly, a hungry Bohemian shall never exist.

5.) Each member hs the right to vote on referendums

By leaving NFBP, you revoke the rights granted to you by the Nation of Bohemia.


Bohemians reserve the right to trade with non-bohemians(gentiles) individually at will.

Inter-faction trade deals are organised and supervised by the Upper House Committee, which includes the King-elect and the Officers.

War can only be declared when at least half of members vote on a referendum detailing the War-plan.

For charity, members may only give out a pittance of food and gold nuggets to gentiles.

--Criminal acts--

-Theft of Home-stored items

-Unwarranted murder of gentiles

-Intentional destruction of property

-Dying to the point of negative power outside of war or other national struggle

More crimes may be added by referendum of half vote or more.  Proper punishment is decided after a trial, and must fit the severity and scope of the crime committed.  Examples of punishment include, but are not limited to: Confiscation of belongings to injured party, Rank reduction, Exile, Death, and Public floggings.