Midgard is a Monarchal faction run by a single individual

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The political Ideology of Midgard is whatever is most useful at the time. Certain political ideologies have different strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation and if the ideology does not help the situation then the ideology is useless. So in a sense the political Ideology of Midgard is do whatever is necessary to survive another day.

The Government system practiced by Midgard is more or less Monarchy or more accurately a dictatorship. One person at the top with total control. It is the simplest and most efficient government system. As with the Ideology this system is rather fluid. The King may give any title and any rights to any faction member he wishes, their duties and power are again determined by the King.

The Admission process is as follows. Anyone may join however betrayal will not be tolerated. Any person previously guilty of betraying their faction is forever banned from the halls of Midgard.#

As with all administrative processes declaring war and passing alliances falls under the duty of the King. The King’s word is law, if he wishes to declare war then that is what will happen, if he wishes to form an alliance and if the other faction is willing then that is what will happen. In a sense all that is required is a verbal agreement. The opinions of the lower members of the faction on this matter are meaningless and they can not declare war nor can they form alliances.#

As previously stated the King’s word is law. Any orders or decrees as stated by the King are to be regarded as if they were part of the original constitution. 

The judicial process is simple enough, the King is judge, jury, and executioner.#

Property rights of the members of the faction are decided upon by the King.#

#unless of course noted otherwise by the King, under paragraph two.