Flag of Latin Confederacy

The Flag of the Latin Confederacy

Also known as The Holy Roman Latin Confederacy, the Latin Confederacy binds all Catholic factions in the union to defend Christdom from barbarians and heathens. The Confederacy also hopes to spread the word of the Catholic Christ across the lands.

Obligations of MembersEdit

  1. Mutual Millitary Assistance to each other in the event of a war.
  2. Mutual Economic Assistance and Free Trade within borders of lands controlled by the Latin Confederacy
  3. Defence of the Kingdom of Christ (Christdom) or In the Defence of the faith. If a heathen/heretic faction declares war or tried to harm a fellow member of Christdom (even when not in the Latin Confederacy) all members of the Latin Confederacy must heed their call for help and defend our brethren.

This Binding Alliance was ratified by the leaders of Genoa and Knights of the Poppy

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Present MembersEdit