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The island of Kingdom of Weeaboos as of April 29, 2014.

Kingdom of Weeaboos (also known as "KoW") is a faction centered around the concept of systematic incompetence. Lead by GoatsCanGTFO, Kingdom of Weeaboos is sure to never change that fundamental principal. Formation The faction was created after the Great Server Reset of 2014. Previously NatSoc, GoatsCanGTFO decided to take on a different approach; from national soccer to kawaii schoolgirls.

History and Beliefs Edit

After the Great Reset of 2014, Kingdom of Weeaboos was founded on April 24, 2014. The faction was firstly founded on a secluded island, that was thought to be expanded. Quickly, the faction gained its first member, danirherrera. Together, they expanded the island and gathered resources. The next day, two new members joined. They were greeted with armor and tools, but quickly stole two diamonds from the public storage chest and back-stabbed GoatsCanGTFO, successfully destroying the new and rapidly developing faction of Kingdom of Weeaboos. Shortly after, a new member, Haywiregolem, joined the faction. Together, Haywiregolem and GoatsCanGTFO successfully rebooted Kingdom of Weeaboos. After suffering its first inside-raid, the faction is not as inviting as it once was. The following day, a new member approached; this member was rubixcubeguy3. The three members built a new island from scratch, and the faction is currently working on expanding underwater. There, they will build homes, chests, and farms.