Preword by Draiden_Kaid Edit

It is with a heavy heart and a heavy hand that I write this, but I fear there is no other alternative than the destruction of something I had once held dear. My time in the Brotherhood of Steel was a good time, but one constantly shadowed by the threat of war. At first, Head Knight architectbear's paranoia of war with SRHF was thick in us all - they had destroyed us on Bloody Sunday and had us destroy Greasers Tower in order to avoid more bloodshed. During the beginning of the Third Boot, we were constantly under the impression that they could try and destroy us at any moment - that we were the bold and noble and they were the warmongering tyrants. Slowly, though, these thoughts changed. I began to build; to expand; to enjoy... but architectbear's thoughts were elsewhere.

Every thought of his was compelled towards the destruction of SRHF, and every bone in his body seemed to ache for their blood. For a time, I was not concerned with this. We did not know their whereabouts and they did not know ours. Then they did find us. They did get onto our base, and I was bound by my Brotherhood's constitution to declare war. We had managed to hold them off for a time, but after I had logged off, architectbear had taken everything from our base and stashed it with Armok before putting the storage area of our own base to TNT. When I had learned this, I did what is most likely to be the worst decision I have made on this server.

I handed leadership to arch and left.

Now he has declared war on everyone and has begun to rape and pillage Germany, Normandy, and whomever else he sees fit. I regret not kicking him out and continuing on. I regret leaving, for now I know I was the anchor holding architect down from flying off the handle and doing something like this. I am sick of fighting, and I only have desires to build, but before I can do that, I must put down the beast I have created and destroy the faction that I have built... and see that architect and all those who blindly follow be properly put to the sword.

Party(s) Declared Against: Edit

BHOS (Brotherhood of Steel)


Reasoning for Declaration: Edit

Every faction will have their own reason, I'm sure... but to name a few:


-Declaring war against and raiding factions they have truced with

-Destruction of Germany

-Seige of Normandy

-Severe lack of a desire to play politically

-If you aren't going to war with them, they're probably going to war with you anyways. They've declared war against everyone Neutral, Truced, or Allied to SRHF or Innawoods.

Feel free to add any reasons.

Signed: Edit

Draiden_Kaid, not as a promise of one man, but as whole faction.