Whereas the faction Russia has attacked and destroyed their neighbors Prussia in a most niggerish fashion (through the use of a spy), and hold blatant imperialist views as proven by their own constitution, the Honest Farmers and their fellow anti-imperialists have deemed it necessary for the peace of the server that the Tsar and his cohorts be humbled through force.

This war shall continue until MrShekelberg and all other players who are members of Russia at this time (5PM central time, 11 May 11, 2014), agree to give satisfactory reparations to the Prussian refugees and the anti-imperialist alliance, and formally denounce their own previous imperial ambitions.

Approved by a majority vote of the SRHF People's Committee on 11 May 2014.

Cosigning factions:

Approved unanimously by The Senate and People of Rome on 11 May 2014

Approved unanimously by the Cascadian House of Burgesses on 11 May 2014