In regards to BHOS:

In accordance with the mutual defense act and alliance we signed earlier today we of Innawoods have no choice now but to declare war on BHOS in order to protect our friends and allies in SRHF.

Here is the treaty for reference sake

The Treaty of Alliance between SRHF and Innawoods

1 - Each faction shall aid the other with shared declarations in times of wars being fought for defensive reasons.

2 - Each faction shall allow the members of the other to traverse their land freely, and enter their bases, without viewing these acts as a declaration of war, as would be the case for other factions. However a faction may ask an individual to leave if they are causing a disturbance. Refusal to do so will result in a meeting.

When members of the other faction are online, a visiting member must announce himself in faction chat. When that is not the case, he should leave a sign or a note in Skype indicating his arrival.

3 - A skype chat consisting of at minimum five active players from each faction will be created for use in defensive coordination.

4 - Neither faction may make other alliance agreements without consulting the other, and may not truce factions that are enemied by the other.

5 - Ratification: In order to be considered valid, this treaty of alliance must be ratified by a clear majority ('Majority' being defined as being no less then 75% of the voting class) of the two factions.


1 - Innawoods shall amend the consitution so that those granted the rank of members shall receive automatic promotion to Officer after 10 days of work for the faction approved by the Officer class.

Innawoods Signatures: peterwhitehead (Leader) Galactic_Fairy (Officer) topherjm8 (Officer) Cojath (Officer) GaleHawthorn (Officer)

SRHF Signatures: mangofart Trapdoorgranny Meepalorde Fire1052 jammit999 Emithyst Ddadams

In regards to ARMOK:

They wandered onto SRHF territory after a warning (during a war no less) that it would be viewed as an act of war. After which they showed no remorse and threatened to attack Innawoods. We view this as highly threatening behavior and have decided to declare war on them as well.


-Galactic_Fairy, GaleHawthorn