Our Nation

About Hungary

The Kingdom Of Hungary is a peaceful community for Hungarian players. Founded on the 30th of June, 2014, Hungary is a rather new faction. Hungary is ruled exclusively by its founder, who is entitled as the "Governor".


The infrastructure of Hungary features both rural and suburban elements, as well as some house block like buildings. The main building materials are stone bricks and oak wood. Everything is built to be as functional as possible, while also looking nice. The largest building at the moment is the public farm, a four floors monstrosity that houses most of the farmable plants and animals. A stable, bath, and a church is also planned.

Public farm

The surface part of the public farm building.


Doctor_Troll - Founder and Governor

Orddom - Citizen

Yak - Citizen

Former Members

Reekoleon - former citizen, account ceased to exist due to inactivity

Death_a_barbar - former citizen, account ceased to exist due to inactivity

Our long-term plans

Hungary wishes to be a vital part of the European community, and as such, is engaged in the trans-European subway project. Currently the subway has three stops: Hungary, Germany, and Normandy. While the tunnel looks somewhat shitty at the moment, it will be remade to be much more fancy. Connection to the European road network is also planned.


constitution is to be reworked.


Griefing by Ahungia

By the night of July 24th, 2014, an unknown party have raided Hungary, destroyed Reekoleon's and Orddom's house, and severely damaged Doctor_Troll's, as well as stolen literaly everything that was stored in them. Along this sizeable portion of the infrastructure, Hungary have lost all its diamonds, gold, and iron, as well as at least 3 Diamond Pickaxes enchanted with fortune.

The damage was done by overclaiming the chunks, something that could happen because the accounts of Rekkoleon and Death_a_barbar, former members of Hungary, have ceased to exist due to inactivity a few hours before the griefer's incrusion, cutting the faction's power to half. This was not helped by the other faction member's inability to stay alive, their tendency to be killed even by the least harmful mobs, reduced the faction's power further.

The griefers turned out to be none else than members of Ahungia, the same players who damaged the railroad connecting Germany and Hungary earlier. Hungary was only a small stop for the Ahungians, the digital sandniggers have griefed the whole Europe on their retarded rampage, but without declarations of war, and because of it, they have been IP banned by Kenney.