Gibraltar Edit

Gibraltar is a peaceful merchant city-state. It is located in the same place that the Strait of Gibraltar is in the real world, and exists to trade with any nation that wants to do so.

Members: Edit

Leader: nude_dragon

Officers: _Garlic_, DisgruntledCorp, FrozenFox96

Constitution: Edit

Gibraltar is a city dedicated to peaceful trading. We, as a nation, are dedicated to commerce and peaceful co-existence with all other nations. Gibraltar vows not to become involved in any wars, unless it is one of self-defense.

Ranks: Edit

  • Leader
  • Officer
  • Member

Process to join: Edit

Gibraltar is open to new members, however they must have spent some time previously on the server and must have Skype. Before becoming a full member, one must build something that adds to the city.

Alliances: Edit

Gibraltar will maintain no defensive alliances with other factions. However, Gibraltar considers itself in truce will all other factions due to its peaceful standing.

Laws: Edit

  • Always respect one another's private property. All property is public (within the faction) unless specifically labels otherwise.
  • All nations have the ability to use the channel, with the exception of those who are enemies in times of war. This is however subject to change at any time, at the Leader or Officer's discretion.

Punishment for Breaking Faction Law: Edit

Sentences will be carried out on an instance-specific bases. Defendants are innocent until proven guilty.

Property Rights of Members: Edit

All members have rights to any property within the common faction storage, as well as their own. Any private property of members cannot be disturbed by any other member, including the Leader. Any member has the right to remove any other faction member from their private homes, including the Leader.

Limits on Governmental Powers: Edit

As Gibraltar is essentially a city of Democracy, officers can hold council to determine the fate of a member, with or without the leader. The leader does not hold any more sway than the officers. The constitution can be amended with a 3/4 vote.

Foreign Policy: Edit

As stated before, Gibraltar is a strictly peaceful nation, unless attacked. Gibraltar is neutral/in peace with all other nations unless expressly stated otherwise. Members of foreign nations are welcome into the public space of the nation, but may not enter private nation grounds. Doing so without invitation is grounds for a declaration of war.