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United Colonies of EpirusEdit

Constitution and LawsEdit

        We the people of Epirus, in order to promote general chaos, herby do proclaim, we will aid the efforts of another sovereign nation's attack on any "damn Jewish commie bastards" Before sufficient aid is given , accurate and correct proof of Jewing-commie activity has to be given to the ruler of Epirus and his blessing must be given before the Nation of Epirus can assist in the effort.

The official title of the ruler of Epirus is "the President of the United Colonies of Epirus" and this president shall be nominated by the one preceding him. Under presidential control a Direct Democracy is set in place which allows a presidential vote to occur if a ruler is seen as unjust. All citizens are required to vote, and voting is held yearly.

The United Colonies of Epirus' official social policy leans towards neutrality, unless provoked. If a Nation does provoke Epirus, The Colonies will enter a War State, the only time official alliances can be made. Free trade is endorsed throughout the Colonies as long as it does not lead to conflict with other nations. There is no official religion or cult of the people of Epirus, although many worship the true founder, Nic.   

            Laws are upheld by the President, who holds voting on how to deal with a citizen if the general well-being of others is jeopardized. If a law is needed the president will suggest a vote to citizens which can be vetoed if unanimously agreed upon. Property rights are defined by those who put signs on their own buildings stating ownership.





MickOD17 (President)