Positive negotiation results with Republic of SophiaEdit

Phogolog helps to curb conflictEdit

On 4/5/14, Phogolog aided Snoube, grand wizard of colomica. Whilst snoube was being attacked by a witch, Phogolog spared no time delivering the grand wizard from a cackling death. Snoube agreed to pursue peace talks with Garry about said "stolen diamonds". Later that day, diamonds were returned to ROS in full (see  here). At first Garry still seemed upset despite the return, but Snoube pursued a time of peace as seen in the picture below, in which Garry calls Snoube "bb gurl".

Future expansion expectedEdit

Snoube has been quoted the following:

"As we are no longer at war, expect to see expansions and improvements upon our land in the near future. Visitors welcome."

Peace time with ROS

ROS confirms peace time