The USSR is a communist faction. Its goals are to persuade people into transforming into communism and eliminate the imperialists.

CCCP=USSR CCCP is just written in russian.


Russia was founded by tsar MrShekelberg. It had 2 cities: Kiev and Moscow (capital). The tsardom decided do declare war on prussia. After prussia disbanded SPQR SHRF and Cascadia wanted to punish Russia and the 7 hour war happened. Russia lost the war and formed the USSR. After multiple betrayals by treacherous Jews MrShekelberg stood down and free and fair elections were held. Atom236 was elected communist party leader.


Government Rights

The Communist party Has absolute power over the civilians.

If the leader abdicates an election will be held and all citizens will vote.

Rules for foreigners:

If a foreigner enters the Russian border without the permission of a Communist part official we reserve the right to kill on sight.

Trading policies:

Trade with foreign powers may only happen in times or dire economic need and can only take place as long as both parties agree it in no way weakens the soverign rights of the USSR and the viability of the communist system.

Russian people obligations:

All Russians are equal.

Russian people have the right to life.

Every Russian has the right to have vodka.


Every tree cut, Every ore mined belongs to the people. If you keep valuables for yourself without alerting the leaders you will be punished. When you finish getting resources, put them into the main chest. You may take what you need from the main chest.


The Communist Party will invite new members who they consider useful.

Building policies:

The Communist Party will decide what to built.


Only the Communist Party can declare truce with factions.


The war will be declared by the council.

Russia will declare war on factions who they pose a credible threat or has imperialistic goals

All Russians will participate in the war.

An enemy faction killing a Russian un-provoked is considered and act of war and a declaration of war may be considered.

Rule break:

The Communist Party will decide the punishment.

Wars Edit

The 7 hour war