Taken place on Sunday, June 1st, 2014

With the SPQR's recent declaration of war with SCoI due to factional conflicts of policy and provoking by lolbott of the Greasers, it looked as if the SPQR and their allies Greasers and Greece were all but assured victory in their struggle. This is due to everyone in SCoI logging off, and saying they will bide their time and then proceeded to destroy all of their valueables - most notedly being some 500 diamonds. However, SRHF declared war on the three, rushing to aid their neighbor SCoI. In SPQR's fervor of battle, they rushed to attack SRHF... but they did so very poorly and uncoordinated. This resulted in a bloodbath as each individual was cut down by the SRHF... all except architectbear, who died from a Wither he had spawned in the SCoI base coupled with drowning in the ocean. This extreme loss was to be known as Bloody Sunday.

The results of Bloody Sunday included Greece having to pay diamonds as war reparations and SPQR's forced declaration of war with Greasers, which in turn resulted in the destruction of "a good portion of Greasers Tower." Afterwards, the SPQR reformed their government into the Brotherhood of Steel.