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Atlantis is a sea faring nation steeped in mysterious magic arts and history. The economy largely thrives off trade with other nations, but it is capable of isolated survival when necessary. The government of Altlantis consists of a three bodied republic; the judicial, legislative and archonian branch. The legislative branch has the power to pass bills into law with a 65% vote of its constituents, however they cannot create proposals for law. The creation of new proposals is the sole and only power of the Archon, the mysterious magical entity that resides within the heart of the country. While bills can be passed into law by the legislative body, the judicary branch can nullify their passage with a mere 30% vote if they are deemed not to allign with the constitution.

Constitution Edit

Land and Construction Edit

Nation land will be claimed with the permission of the faction leader, or a member vested with such powers by the faction leader. Buildings may be constructed freely, but only in areas specified by the faction leader.

Property Edit

All member's personal property shall be respected, the original finder of any item shall be the owner of said item, and no property will be used by any other member without the owner's consent. Property will be shared amongst members only in the state of a complete consensus to share amongst participating members.

War Edit

Any declaration of war must be decided on amongst more than half of all members. In the event that a member of another faction kills, attacks or steals the property of a member of the faction of Atlantis, war may be declared by that member, without consent of more than half of all members.

Security Edit

Members are forbidden from disclosing the coordinates of the nation of Atlantis with any other faction, for any form of trade. Any trade with another player or member of another nation must be made at a location at least 1000 blocks away from the nation of Atlantis, unless the nation by which the trade is being conducted exists within that proximity. The faction leader my revoke or reinstate this rule at any time. (Currently in effect)

Judicial Process Edit

Punishment for the violation of any of these rules will be decided by the faction leader and may include demotion or expulsion from the faction of Atlantis.

Recruitment and Promotions Edit

New members may be recruited by any existing member. Promotions must be made by either the faction leader, or an officer with the power vested within.

Members Edit

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